Travel Around the World.

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Lliala Afrika and Dr. Melanie Stevenson gave lectures in Atlanta Georgia. Hip Hop legend Dead Prez gave a personal interview about how Dr. Afrika teachings has help transformed his health and lifestyle. Watch exclusive interview by clicking the link below.

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London, UK

Dr. Afrika and Dr. Stevenson did a United Kingdom tour, and doing lectures, consultations, and promoted the new book: “Holistic Self Diagnosis.


Dr. Melanie Stevenson explores Cairo, Egypt to visit the Pyramids, and explore ancient history. The Pyramids and its surrounding complex was such a fascinating design by our ancient architects, and she considers it to be the world’s oldest monumental structures.

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Puerto Rico

They found a new home away from home!! Puerto Rico has become such a great healthy experience for Dr. Afrika, and Dr. Stevenson to spend out there. Nice healthy sun, and exclusive healthy tropical foods. For 2014, they’re planning a health tour, so please stay tuned on how to come!!

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