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All plants (vegetables, fruits, etc.) have a bipolar (alkaline and acid) health and disease system to protect themselves from the weather, insects, microorganisms, animals, other plants, and people. The plants have nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and hormones that are low, and some that are high. For example, a plant can be high in iron. Therefore, if you eat too much of that plant, you will get constipated. The high iron content acts as a defense mechanism (negative bodily reaction). Iron is a needed vital mineral. Consequently, the plant high in iron content is good for you but harmful to you when eaten in excess. It acts in a positive manner (good nutrient) and a negative manner (constipation), which makes it bipolar.

A plant’s negative response is given social names of toxin, free radical, poison, unacceptable, and/or dangerous. For example, lectins are a type of protein found in nightshade plants (potatoes, peppers, etc.), beans, grains, and dairy products. The plants use lectins to protect itself from being over eaten by insects, animals, and people. Excessive consumption of lectins can cause inflammation, nerve damage, chronic illness, irritation, and autoimmune disease. Lectins are indigestible (a type fiber), and enter the blood unchanged, thicken the blood, slow down immunity, and stick to the skin of the intestines.

The harmful effects of lectins can be removed. To avoid lectin problems, soak unripe beans (beans are ripe partially green) before cooking, sprout or ferment beans, and/or use a pressure cooker when cooking them. Consequently, lectins are bipolar because its fiber clears the colon and is a positive use, while excessive lectin is inflammatory and a negative use in the colon. Lectins are bipolar.

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