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The food (agriculture), drugs (Big Pharma), and the government have been married to each other. They use the same biology, chemistry, and physiology textbooks that create the problems to solve the problems. Therefore, they rely upon synthetic chemical (drugs, vaccinations) disease remedies to solve diseases they create with poisonous herbicides and pesticides that they use in agriculture. If the food is not organic or non-GMO, then the average person eats one tablespoon of liquid pesticides and one tablespoon of insecticides or more, daily. Every major media (TV, movie, sports, games, etc.) keeps at least one person from the drug industry on their board of directors. The food (agriculture), drug (pharmaceuticals), and government corrupt research, manipulate data, and falsify and control scientific literature, reports and textbooks.

There is an exchange of science personnel between government and the drug industry. For example, Texas made Merck drug company’s vaccination drugs mandatory for girls, then the Texas government’s Chief of Staff was hired by Merck as a lobbyist. The Texas government’s Chief of Staff pay off for making Merck’s drugs mandatory was a high paying job as a lobbyist. The government’s Center for Disease Control was part of Gilead Sciences advertisements for Hepatitis C drugs because it gave money to Gilead. Further, the drug companies give money (grants) to universities, which allows them to do research for the government. The drug companies dictate the results they want and the length of research. The research is merely a chemical theatrical performance to decorate poisonous drugs as good. The universities names on the research give respectability to the research. Non-science writers (ghost writers) write the research papers, and then doctors put their names on the papers to further add to the respectability of the falsified phony research. The government-funded research gives the drug company the license to sell the drug and get royalties. The government-funded research belongs to the public. However, the research, patent, and royalties are freely given to privately own corporate drug companies. Then the drug companies include the charge of the research in the retail price, and gain more profits by having drugs made in foreign countries with slave labor, and are not required to follow health and safety rules. The drug companies avoid taxes and increase their profits by being headquartered off shore in foreign countries. Aside from this, the government research validates that the drugs do not work (see the book Pills for Ills that Kill by Llaila Afrika).

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