**BOOK Bundle Sale – ALL 9**


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Dr. Afrika would like to thank you for all of you support throughout the many years!

Dr. Afrika is having a sale of all 9 of his books for 160.95 plus shipping. Your continued support empowers Dr. Afrika to continue researching and writing. Books include:

  • Controlling, Understanding, and Raising Black Children: Infants to Teenagers

  • Health Dictionary

  • Holistic Self Diagnosis

    Holistic Self Diagnosis

  • Nutritional Destruction of Black People: Nutricide

  • Pher Ankh: Arranging and Decorating your Room, Building, Garden, and Home for Success, Health, Beauty, and Power

  • Pills For iLLs That Can Kill: (Useless and Dangerous Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs)

  • The Gullah African American History: Sea Island Blacks

  • The Power and Science of Melanin

  • The Textbook of African Holistic Health


NOTE: Due to high volume of bulk order books, please allow 7-14 business days to complete this order. Thank you very much!