Controlling, Understanding, and Raising Black Children: Infants to Teenagers


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A Comprehensive Holistic Guide for: • Techniques and Skills for Disciplining and Controlling Children and Teens • Proper Growth and Development Schedule of Black Children • Emotional and Behavioral Problem Remedies • Natural Recipes, Diets, and Snacks • Step by Step Corrections of Emotional Dysfunctions • Afrikan Centered Social Behavior, Spirituality, and Morals for the Child and Adult • Learn How to Understand and Solve • Problems Between Adults and Children • Learn the Early Signs and Symptoms of Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Problems • Helps You Develop and Use Discipline and Punishment Techniques • Helps You Select Childhood Disease Remedies • Learn How to Stop Being Manipulated and Controlled by Children • Learn How to Correct Bad Parenting Behavior • Learn the Proper Growth and Development for Black Children and Teenagers


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