Vaccination Inoculation Combination Drugs

We are in a time of a lot of stress and pressure. My intent is to help you get information from another necessary viewpoint.. We are always told to follow the science without the data of the science being fully disclosed. Dr. Afrika dedicated his life to researching health and science. He wrote a book called Pills for Ills That can Kill. In this book he addressed his viewpoint on vaccination inoculation combination drugs. Below I have taken information directly from his book. I am not trying to convince you on whether or not to take the vaccine. I just want to carry Dr. Afrika’s thought process forward. The choice is yours. Knowledge is power.

The poisonous chemicals in the Vaccination/Inoculation combination drugs can permanently harm the individual.  The drugs damage the immunity, age the brain and cause nerve damage diseases such as autism.  The use of the vaccination is based upon superstitions, theories and is fallacy laden.  It is believed that making the body sick with a drug will make the body healthy.  If people believe that their vaccination protects them then why should they be afraid of an unvaccinated person and make that person take a mandatory vaccination.  People that are unvaccinated are discriminated (employment, schools) against and are believed to be able to spread a contagious disease.  Other people with contagious diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, herpes, TB, syphilis, hepatitis, poliovirus and the flu are allowed to go freely about in society.  People that are recently vaccinated are given the disease and spread the disease (shed).  Mandatory vaccination drug use means a privately owned drug business is allowed to force you to use their product.  If you don’t use it, you can be punished, put in quarantine, lose your job, and/or be restricted from travel, or attending school.  If an adult refuses to vaccinate their child, they can be charged with child abuse and be given a criminal record. The Vaccination Theory was developed without knowledge of the immune system.  The immune system is a set of physiological reactions to a germ (virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast protozoa).  Virus is medically defined as not alive and alive: it is a particle of a dead cell.  It is not alive, therefore it cannot be killed with antibiotics.  An antibody against one virus might not work against another virus.  A vaccination injection in the blood only protects the blood tissue and not the nerve, bone, muscle, or humoral tissue (lymph tissue fluid).  Humoral immunity is imprecise while cellular immunity is precise for tissue such as blood tissue.  The US Supreme Court and Congress declared vaccines to be “Unavoidably Unsafe” which means they harm the body.  No company should have government approval to force you to use their products.